The Ultimate Midtown New York Hotel Rewards Program

Club 131: For the Road Warrior, the Explorer, and the Planner

Club 131 was designed for you, the ROAD WARRIOR, who is always on the road—someone who appreciates recognition, and someone who wants to go where everyone knows their name. Club 131 hotel, the ultimate New York corporate rewards program, allows us to recognize your countless trips to the city, and appreciates your loyalty—it’s about time! Our club is inclusive, and offers you, the traveler, all of the posh amenities that the Roger New York City boutique hotel has to offer, while also benefitting your company—bonus points for you!

Club 131 was also designed for you, the EXPLORER, who is in the know, and always traveling to see the latest and greatest. By joining Club 131, you never have to explore this jungle again—we will handle all of your needs, while you take in all that New York has to offer.

Club 131 was also designed for you, the PLANNER. Why is it that you get to send everyone to New York to stay with Roger, while you wait behind? It’s time you got something out of this as well. Club 131 gives you hotel reward points for booking rooms with us, with the end result being a trip to see us. Exciting, right?

Club 131 NYC Hotel rewards program makes it easy for you—your own rate code, booking link, and recognition.

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