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Summer Concerts

Let’s start summer with a bang! When planning your NYC getaway, consider these melodic June concerts.

Ariana Grande, Madison Square Garden, June 18th & 19th

Make lasting memories while experiencing the undeniable talent of this world-famous singer. Watch as the former Nickelodeon star takes to the stage and fills the room with her impressive vocal range.

Billie Eilish, Radio City Music Hall, June 19th

All eyes on Billie Eilish—only 17 years old and already playing Radio City Music Hall. Sing along to your favorite Billboard-topping songs while enjoying this envelope-pushing performer. 

Diana Ross, Radio City Music Hall, June 22nd

Join in the celebration as Ms. Ross tours in honor of her 75th birthday. Following the headline-making birthday tribute at the 61st Grammy Awards, the iconic diva announced a selection of live performance and New York City was on the top of her list.

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